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Exceeds All ASTM-1107 standards for high performance grout. A cement-based, non-shrink, premixed, highly flowable grout that develops extremely high compressive strengths in a very short period of time.

This product is particularly superior for applications where ease of placement and suitability for use under high unit loads are important. Other materials such as concrete or weaker grouts may develop structural flaws when subjected to concentrated loads.

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Premium Non-Shrink Grout is ideally suited for:

• Grouting of precision machinery.

• Setting precision levelling wedges.

• Setting high strength anchor bolts.

• Grouting of large base plates.

• Grouting in machine bases.

• Setting turbine base plates.



7 days
1,670 psi
28 days
1,700 psi

High temperature Evaluation Compressive Strength

70° F
11,000 psi
800° F
11,000 psi
900° F
9,700 psi
1000° F
8,400 psi

Tensile Strength

7 days
535 psi
28 days
568 psi

Premium Grout Technical Data Sheet Click to download Technical Data Sheet


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