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Unisorb V-100 - Epoxy Grout

nisorb Standard V-100 Epoxy Grout is a two component, 100% solids, filled epoxy system that cures very rapidly at normal room temperature. It sets up a tough durable impact and vibration resistant growth which eliminates chronic re-grouting common to many installations. Pours as thin as 1/16" and as thick as 1" may be made with Standard V-100 Epoxy Grout. It is a proven method of grouting, re-grouting and anchoring hard-to-hold heavy machinery.
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  Available in :
 11 Lb. pail ( 173 cu. in.)
 22 Lb. pail ( 363 cu. in.)
 55 Lb. pail ( 916 cu. in.)


 • Permanent.

 •Easy installation.

 •Fast cure.

 •Minimum material usage, less expensive than cementitious grouts for   many applications .

 •Withstands severe shocks loads.

 •Easy repair of foundations and pulled anchor bolts.

 Physical Properties
 Compressive Strength (psi) 9,000
    6 Hours
    3 Days
    7 Days (Ultimate) 16,800
 Tensile Strength (psi)
 Flexural Strength (psi)
 Allowable Thickness (Typical)
1/16" - 1"
 Working Time
10 -15 minutes
16.5 cu. in. per lb.

 Suitable For :
 •Grouting machine bases.

 •Setting anchor bolts.

 •Setting levelling wedges.

 •Setting sole plates
techincal data sheet for V-100 Epoxy Grout Click to view Technical Data Sheet


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