The Tri-Wedge is a heavy-duty mount that utilizes two stationary wedges and one sliding wedge to provide mechanical lift for the mount. An adjusting bolt moves the center wedge, back and forth between stationary wedges to provide lift to the top wedge. Two height ranges are provided, based on the position of a retainer within the mount. The retainer (shaded in the drawing below) can be placed in one of two retaining sockets. Placing the retainer in the socket nearest the adjusting bolt head adjusts the mount through the lower height range. Positioning the retainer in the rear socket moves the mount through the upper height range. Weight of the mount without pads is 5 lbs. Recommended load lifting capacity for the Tri-Wedge Mount is 8,000 lbs. The photo on this page shows the Tri-Wedge Machinery Mount with Pads on the top and bottom. Contact Wilrep for pad details.

   Click here for Unisorb Tri-Wedge Technical Data Sheet - PDF Format
  Provides true vertical lify. - Heavy duty machinery mount system

• Two height ranges in one mount.

• Easily accessible slide adjustment.

• Use with any precision machinery that requires both levelling and   vibration isolation.

• Anchor bolts not required.

• Pads are removable.

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