Novibra Type ANB


Novibra buffer type ANB consists of a a cylindrical rubber body bonded to a square baseplate of steel. Each corner of the baseplate has a fixing hole.
Special High-hysteresis rubber compound is used to ensure as much energy absorption as possible so that the volume of the rubber is used at an optimum efficiency. It permits that for new machine developments simpler designs and lighter calculate forces can be considered which means lower costs.


   Click here for Novibra Type ANB Technical Data Sheet - PDF Format


The Novibra shock buffer type ANB is used to effectively damp movements of machines or machine components which need to slowed down or stopped.

Typical field applications would be:


•traverse cranes

•lifting cranes

•working beams

•falling goods


•forestry vehicles

•off-road material handling equipment

Through the excellent resilience of the rubber a high degree of energy absorption can be achieved. The rubber is stiffer for rapid dynamic processes than for slow static applications. With the same deformation this means that more energy is absorbed in fast processes than in slow ones. Diagram 1 shows the impact of the energy factor.

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