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EC-1099 Plastic Adhesive Application Instruction

Suggested Application Instruction

  EC1099 Technical Data Sheet - PDF Format
MSDS EC-1099 MSDS For EC-1099

  1. Surface Preparation: Remove all dust, dirt, oil, grease, wax, loose paint, etc. Wiping with 3M Scotch-Grip Solvent No.3, methyl ethyl ketone (MEK) or 3M Citrus Base Industrial Cleaner will aid in preparing the surface for bonding.

  2. Application Temperature: For best results the temperature of the adhesives and surfaces should be at least 65° (18°C).

  3. Application: Stir well before using.

    Porous Surface(s): Brush, flow or spray a thin, even coat of adhesive to one or both surfaces. Coating both surfaces is preferred since it gives greater strength and permits longer open time before bonding. Very absorbent material may require more than one coat. Bond while adhesive is still wet or aggressively tacky. Join surfaces with firm pressure.

    Non-Porous(s): Brush, flow or spray a thin, even coat of adhesive to both surfaces. Allow adhesive to dry until tacky. Join surfaces with firm pressure.

  4. Drying Time: Drying time depends on temperature humidity, air movement, and porosity of the materials bonded. Greater immediate strength may be obtained by heater or solvent reactivation. See Reactivation below.

  5. Reactivation: To solvent reactivate, cost both surfaces with adhesive. Allow to dry tack-free. Lightly wipe one surface with a solvent such as a Scotch-Grip Solvent No.3 or methl ethyl (MEK). Complete bond within 30 seconds.

    To heat reactivate, coat both surfaces with adhesive. Allow adhesive to dry completely. Reactivate by heating one or both surfaces to minimum of 180°F(82°). Assemble immediately (while hot), using firm pressure to ensure contact.

  6. Curing: EC 1099 Plastic Adhesive, EC1099 may be heat cured to obtain superior properties. Cure assembled parts at time and temperature listed using 100 psi pressure on the bond line.

    Temperature of Bondline
    Time for Minimum Cure
    200°F (93°C)

    120 minutes

    40 minutes
    12 minutes
    8 minutes
    5 minutes
    2 minutes

  7. Cleanup: Excessive adhesive may be removed with Scotch-grip Solvent No.3 or methyl ethyl ketone or acetone preferably while adhesive is still wet.

    * Note: When using solvents, extinguish all ignition sources, read and follow the manufacturer's precautions and directions for use when handling such materials.

Storage : Store product at 60 - 80 F(16-27 C) for maximum life. Higher temperatures reduce normal storage life. Lower temperature cause increased viscosity of a temporary nature. Rotate on a "first in first out" basis.
Shelf Life: When stored in the original unopened container, under the conditions recommended, EC1099 has a shelf life of 15 months.

 EC1099 Technical Data Sheet - PDF Format 
MSDS EC-1099 MSDS For EC-1099

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