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Designed for simple, fast, cost efficient installation in large open areas where good sound absorption is desired.

Noise Absorption Baffles

A proven and effective soft absorber to reduce reverberation and ambient noise levels - for use in overhead and upper wall areas. Simple and economical to install and maintain.

The AcoustiGuard standard baffle consists of a loosely wrapped soft white 2 mil film enclosing a 1.5 lb../cu. .ft.. flexible glass fiber core. The ends are welded and sealed to exclude dirt and moisture. Each baffle is fitted with three plated grommets and supplied with three 16g galvanized steel wire hooks.
The entire unit is lightweight, washable and light reflective.

System Advantages

AcoustiGuard baffles are non-invasive of the work area. easily installed using a hung onto a cable stretched between walls, columns or truss areas. Stand-off attachment application

Baffles are effective control the sound field by lowering the reverberation time and accelerating the decay of multiple reflective sound paths. This reduces incoherent noise that interferes with safe communication in the working environment. Baffle systems greatly improve the comfort within the work place by reducing stress.

Baffles are easily moved or repositioned to accommodate equipment and space changes in the working area: may be quickly taken down and re-installed for cleaning or other maintenance. The patterns and spacing are readily modified to allow for sprinkler and lighting requirement restrictions.

Special sizes and food grade covers such as tedlar are available custom fabricated for use in areas requiring resistance to bacteria and fungal growth e.g. Food processing operations, breweries, and animal shelters.

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